hourly rehearsal room

Acoustically treated 14'x13' room with drums and PA for $15/hour. Please call us at (214)842-8119 to book.


weekly and monthly rooms available

Currently Fully Booked

Weekly and monthly rooms are now available.  Access is Noon-Midnight every day.  Off hours by appointment.  Please call for availability.  $500/month.  Discounts available for long term rentals.

DJ Set

Recording, Mixing and Mastering

Pro Tools based recording. Price for recording/mixing is $40 per hour.  Price for mastering is $25 per song.  Analog mixing to 1/4 inch stereo is available.  Analog mastering will add on an extra charge for tape reel. If you are needing to work on multiple songs we can work with you on pricing.  If you are using a backing track please furnish your own track preferably in .WAV format. Thank You.


Repair Services

Minor instrument repairs available on site.  Some of our services include Guitar/bass setups, hardware install, pick up install, and instrument electronics repair.  Let us know what you need done so that we can quote you a price.